Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hi guys :]

I just create this blog.. and still noobie in here..
i'm still learning neway~ (",)
hmm..what should i say here...still no idea..ahaks~
oh yeah.
Today has been so busy..haihx..i feel like i've hardly had time to breath.
and then i open my yahoo messenger..just to check who is online~ but some of them appearing offline..maybe they hate me (T_T) ahaks~
But lucky still got ppl want chat with me..
I was so damn boring as i don't know what to do..so i msg shira..then after a few min conversation with her..my stomach starts to grumble..Oh Gosh~ i forgot my breakfast, lunch and dinner.. (T_T)
Haihx macam tak terurus sekarang.
Sometime felt my life become so miserable. and irreparable.
Hehe nevermind..
I still have long way to go..
Gambateh~ all the best Shahreel (^_^)